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Protect Yo HeART

#ProtectYoHeART was created in 2009 by @UncuttART. It was introduced to the world at Art Basel (2014) with his first mural in Wynwood (Miami). The ubiquitous #ProtectYoHeART stencil can be seen in every major city across the United States, and it is much more than just art. Protect Yo HeART is symbolic and is meant to inspire people to prioritize self-care and pay attention to the condition of one’s heart from a spiritual standpoint. Since then, the movement has grown organically, capturing the attention of art lovers across the globe. It has resulted in over 3 million social media posts and accumulated over 1 billion likes on Instagram. Even celebrities (such as Madonna, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Lopez, Miranda Lambert, Paris Hilton, and more) have posted about it. However, the campaign has been, and always will be, a reminder to the people of the importance self-love and self-appreciation. 

Above All else ProtectYoHeArt, for everything you do flows from it

– UncuttArt x Proverb423.

About UncuttART

UncuttArt will release his first NFT in collaboration with the multi-talented artist, Neurite. This NFT showcases his “Uncutt” Art – a reflection of his thoughts, with the smaller details representing diversity and unity. Each element is purposefully positioned to create a larger, more complete concept. This NFT will allow those who have followed his hidden persona for years to own a piece of his magic.

UncuttArt is famously known for his inclusive and thought-provoking street art. His anticipated genesis drop showcases his incredible talent while making his original work accessible to a wider audience.

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Protect Yo HeART Day &
The Connect One Million Souls Campaign

Art evokes thoughts and feelings that help & heal regardless of race, gender or creed.

National “Protect Yo HeART” Day created by Un of UncuttArt, is a day of unity, connectivity, but above all else, it is a day of self love, self appreciation and wellness. It is delivered through art, experienced across multiple mediums in collaboration with an abundance of talent, reaching thousands in the USA at the same time, and streamed to millions across the globe.

In 2020 UncuttART launched the “Connect One Million Souls” Campaign. The One Connect One Million Souls Campaign is an interactive campaign that encourages everyone to take a photo of themselves wearing a Protect Yo HeART scarf expressing their individuality and the power of community. UncuttART will construct an Art Show that will Debut  during Art Basel 2021 that is an artistic adaptation of the soulful connection we experience when we tap into our humanity.


A message from the Founder

Why I created Protect Yo HeART Day:
A day to appreciate life, to acknowledge the importance of mental health and engage tools for resilience. 

Initially, I was just trying to connect souls, through my Art. In the black community…in the entrepreneur community…in the artist community…in the human community of broken souls…we often ignore the topic of mental health especially among the isolated and marginalized. For me, my Art has always been the answer. Finding the right words to express myself and reach and touch people a certain way was always my goal. Over the years, many have told me and written public testimonies about how seeing those words “Protect Yo HeART” on a mural in New York, or LA, or Miami or wherever, how it saved them… how it communicated with their soul… how my Art is here for a reason…that everyone needs to experience it. People want to believe in something. I want to help people believe in themselves. When you are at that breaking point, what you believe about yourself is the only thing that matters.