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,#ProtectYoHeART was created in 2009 by @UncuttART. It was introduced to the world at Art Basel (2014) with his first mural in Wynwood (Miami). The ubiquitous #ProtectYoHeART stencil can be seen in every major city across the United States, and it is much more than just art. Protect Yo HeART is symbolic and is meant to inspire people to prioritize self-care and pay attention to the condition of one’s heart from a spiritual standpoint. Since then, the movement has grown organically, capturing the attention of art lovers across the globe. It has resulted in over 3 million social media posts and accumulated over 1 billion likes on Instagram. Even celebrities (such as Madonna, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Lopez, Miranda Lambert, Paris Hilton, and more) have posted about it. However, the campaign has been, and always will be, a reminder to the people of the importance self-love and self-appreciation. 

Join us this year for ProtectYoHeART Day Wellness Weekend, April 20 – 24, 2022.

Come let your mind, body and soul get into alignment with yoga,
meditation and soul connections. In true PYH style get ready
to immerse yourself in five days of unconditional self love.

What’s Next

This year, with the rise of the NFT community, we decided to situate ourselves in the heart of Miami, which will allow us to bring the community together for building as well as financial literacy. Come and join us for five days where you will experience NFT drops, collaborations and other exhibits. Take
the opportunity to experience this year’s first ever Protect Yo High Cannabis Convention, NFT Cannabis Conference, Beach
Meditation, and our first Protect Yo Earth SoulVibe Concert.

This is the ReBirth. A celebration of new beginnings, a timeless collection signifying change. As we are currently experiencing a shift in consciousness, let your butterfly represent your path forward. Each butterFly has been hand designed by UncuttART, a traditional street artist and the visionary behind the Protect Yo HeART movement. The varying color combinations have been computer-generated, each being a unique 1 of 1. Twenty percent of all sales will be donated to the Protect Yo HeART foundation, supporting the lives of those in need. and 60% will go toward Our ProtectYoHeart Day Wellness Weekend in Miami April20-24.. . Support the Movement of SelfLove & Self Appreciation & Name Your Butterfly…

Shop our Protect Yo Heart Merch collection. All products are designed by UncuttART. The capital raised from the merch collection helps to support various community initiatives, Protect Yo Heart Day other guided wellness events.

Each ProtectYoHeART Full Day ticket includes a complimentary ProtectYoHeART scarf. In addition, you will find the other pop-up, limited and exclusive collections available in our online merch boutique.

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